Comprehensive Information Package

Counselling & Disability Services (CDS) would like to see you be successful in your
studies. One way of doing so is to familiarize yourself with the various educational
policies, practices, services and resources on campus that directly affect your
education. We hope you find the list below helpful.

Services Offered Through Counselling & Disability Services 

Academic Advising

  • Provided through faculties, departments and individual colleges
  • These offices can assist you with selection of courses, advice regarding majors
    and honours, etc.
  • We advise students to meet with academic advisors yearly to ensure that they are
    taking the right type and number of courses for their particular degrees.

Academic Writing Centres

  • Please visit this web page for information on the Academic Writing Centres at

Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-Time Students (ACMAPS) 

  • ACMAPS offers support for mature and part-time students.

Centre for Human Rights 

  • If you feel that you have been discriminated against you can discuss your
    concerns with this office.
  • Visit the web-site above to find out more information.

Computing at York

  • Computer Labs on Campus

English as a Second Language Open Learning Centre

Telephone: 416-736-2100 ext. 22940)

  • The ESL Open Learning Centre (ESL-OLC) offers support to English as a Second
    Language students registered in credit courses at York University.
  • The Centre is open to York students, registered in degree programs and the
    services are offered free of charge to undergraduate and graduate students.

Registrar's Office

Visit the Registrar's Office web-site for important information about policies and procedures, courses, sessional dates, lecture schedules, drop dates, final exam dates etc.

  • Academic Petitions
    • If you wish to drop a course after the drop date, you will need to put in an
      academic petition.
    • Petition information can be downloaded from the Registrar's Office web
      site where drop dates are also listed.
    • You have one year in which to petition. If you petition later than the one
      year deadline, then you must preface your petition with the following
      statement: I am petitioning to waive the one year deadline to petition.
    • It is the student's responsibility to amass all the information for the
      petition before handing it in as a complete package.
  • Deferred Standing Agreement (DSA)
    • If you are unable to complete a course by the end of term for personal,
      medical or disability related reasons, speak to your course instructor about
      completing a DSA for the remaining course work. Please check the
      Registrar's Office for deadlines as to when this form must be submitted.
    • The DSA can be downloaded from the Registrar's web-site.
    • If your reason for requesting a DSA is related to your disability, your
      Disability Counsellor can provide supporting documentation if s/he has
      seen you during the term.
    • Arrange to meet with your course instructor to complete the DSA and
      provide necessary supporting documentation.

York U Lions 

  • Tait Mackenzie
    • Recreational sports facility (pool, tennis and squash courts, fitness centre
    • To access the fitness centre, students must purchase a shoe tag. Please
      visit the web site above for more information.
  • Intramural Sport
    • Competitive and non-competitive teams to join to play everything from
      water polo to flag football.
    • You can also join teams through your college.
    • Great way to meet other students, have fun and stay fit.

Student Financial Services 

  • Financial Assistance
    • All financial matters regarding your OSAP account and other financial
      concerns need to be addressed to Student Financial Services (SFS).
  • Financial Petitions
    • Financial petition forms can be downloaded from the Student Financial
      Services web site.
    • If you drop a course after the drop date, an academic petition must be
      submitted and approved first, before a financial petition can be made.

York University Bookstore

  • The Bookstore has your textbooks (new and used) and course kits for your York
    courses as well as clothing, stationary, and general interest books.
  • You can check which textbooks are required for your courses online and purchase
    your textbooks online.

Additional Information for Students with Disabilities

Registrar's Office - Alternate Exams and Tests
Telephone # 416-736-5500

  • Students who register with Disability Services may qualify for academic
    accommodations when writing exams, tests and quizzes.
  • Speak with your disability counsellor about whether or not you qualify for exam
    and test accommodations.
  • All alternate tests and exams are arranged through the Registrar's Office.
  • Alternate Exam and Test requests can be submitted via an online system (it is
    advisable to make all requests at the beginning of term).
  • Information regarding rescheduling a missed test, submission deadlines etc is
    available via the Alternate Exams website.
  • Questions regarding the scheduling of an alternate exam or test should be directed
    to the Registrar's Office.

Computing at York

  • Assistive Technology Lab, 1017 TEL
    • Provides you with access to a computer account and printing.
    • Provides you with access to assistive technology software and training
    • Provides access to space for "strategy tutoring" on a fee-for-service basis
      (NOT "content" or "subject specific" tutoring)
  • Adaptive Equipment Lab, Room 134 Scott library
    • Quiet place to study.
    • Access to computers with assistive technology.

Parking Services

Telephone: 416-736-5335

  • For accessible parking on the University campus, please apply directly to Parking
  • The parking office is located in the William Small Centre. Parking Services phone
    number is.

Student Financial Services

  • Ontario Student Assistance Program
    • Your Disability Counsellor can give you the name, email address and
      extension of your OSAP advisor.
    • For OSAP purposes, students with permanent disabilities are considered
      full-time with a 40% course load – your OSAP advisor must be advised of
      your status by your Disability Counsellor.
    • Your Disability Counsellor can provide SFS with a letter confirming that
      you have a documented permanent disability and no diagnosis will be
    • Whether you take a 40% course load or more, it may be beneficial for you
      to disclose that you have a permanent disability to OSAP as you are
      automatically considered for a high needs grant of up to $2000.
  • Financial Petitions
    • If you have dropped a course before the drop date because of disabilityrelated reasons, you can petition to receive partial reimbursement.

Student Health Plan 

  • You are eligible for the York Student Health Plan if you are taking a 40% course
    load or more.
  • Speak to your Disability Counsellor regarding providing you with a letter, if

Transcription Services, Library Accessibility Services

  • Visit their web-site to find out about transcription services as well as other library
    services for students with disabilities.

Transportation Services – VAN GO

  • An on campus accessible van is available through Parking and Transportation
    Services for student with physical disabilities.
  • This service is arranged with by Physical, Sensory and Medical Disability

York Senate Policy on Accommodating Students with Disabilities

  • Please familiarize yourself with this policy statement.